Day : September 25, 2018

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CashCropToday: Joint Venture Justin Braune Part 2

Ricky M
Part 2 of Joint Venture’s interview with Justin Braune, a Blunt Capital Co. Advisor, continues the discussion of bridging the gap between Cannabis & Hemp Entrepreneurs and Capital Endorsers. Justin Braune gives way to the characteristics of the industry that make a business or product more appealing to his company...
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Green Growth Brands Raises C$85 Million Via Private Placement

This morning, Green Growth Brands Ltd. announced that their company has raised C$85 million dollars via a private placement. The capital raise involved a series of strategic investors with a high level of interest in their operation. Green Growth brands company total private placement of C$85 million was produced based...
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Cash Crop Today Interview with CEO of Open Grow™ João Melo

Open Grow™ is a company located in Portugal that is dedicated to the research and creation of automation solutions for the agricultural growing environments. Their company aims to provide innovative and versatile technology with an extremely easy-to-use interface, allowing every grower to use it. Open Grow™  are committed to developing high...