Day : October 11, 2018

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CashCropToday | 411/420 | Justin Braune Discusses Background Leading Up to Made By Science (Part 1)

Jaelynn Offerman
Host Joya Italiano sits down with Justin Braune, President of Made By Science, to talk about his company and background. He discusses his interesting journey that started in the United States Naval Academy for his undergraduate years which led him to work in nuclear engineering. Eventually, he moved to Los...

CCT Interview with Jeremy Diehl, Co- Founder & CTO of Green Mill Supercritical

Green Mill Supercritical is a company out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania focused on offering their customers involved in the cannabis industry state-of-the-art, fully automated, CO2 extraction machines. ______________________________________________________________ 1) How did the company get started? What in your career lead you to running Green Mill Supercritical? I spent my entire career...
Hemp News Market Watch

United States Cannabinoid Extraction Company Mile High Labs Raises $35 Million

The Colorado based private cannabinoid extraction company Mile High Labs has announced that their company has completed a $35 million Series A financing from institutional and private equity investors in the United States. Mile High Labs is planning to use the newly acquired capital to expand the company’s ability to...