Day : October 15, 2018

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CannAmerica Common Shares Debuts on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)

CannAmerica Brands Corporations has joined the flurry of American based cannabis businesses that have chosen to take their company public across the northern border. CannAmerica, which owns a number of different cannabinoid derived brands in the United States, has debuted its common shares to investors on the Canadian Securities Exchange...
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Canopy Growth Invests C$429 million to Acquire IP Advancements from Ebbu, Inc.

Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) (NYSE: CGC) announced this morning that the company has agreed with Ebbu, Inc. to acquire IP and R&D advancements in exchange for C$429 million dollars in cash and stock. Canopy Growth Corp. believes that the acquisition will benefit a number of different vertically integrated assests...