CashCropToday | Joint Venture | Dave Hill Talks Future of Cash Crop Today (Part 3)

Part 3/3 of Dave Hill’s guest appearance on Cash Crop Today’s Joint Venture addresses an array of topics surrounding the Cannabis and Hemp Industry and CCT itself. Host Michael Parker brings up an optimistic perspective on the different benefits the legalization of recreational marijuana use will bring to the state of California.

Cash Crop Today offers an educational resource to those who want to learn more about everything going on in the industry. The powerhouse media company for Cannabis has created its own niche, forming collective collaborations with all of its media outlets.

Watch this episode of Joint Venture with Michael Parker featuring Founder of CCT, Dave Hill, to learn more about future projects coming your way for Cash Crop Today. Be sure to check out Part 1 & Part 2 of this episode, and tune in every Tuesday for new episodes of Joint Venture.

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