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Bipartisan Legislation Introduced in Congress to End Federal Interference in Legal Cannabis States

Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) and Cory Gardner (R-Colo) have introduced a new bill last week to congress called the States Act. The States Act would end the possibility of Federal interference within medical and recreational cannabis states. More simply put, the legislation would leave the matter of legalization up to...
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New Federal Spending Bill Protects the Cannabis and Hemp Industries in the U.S.

28 U.S. States have passed some form of recreational or medical cannabis legislation despite cannabis being defined by the Controlled Substance Act as a Schedule 1 drug.  Despite the shifting tide, Jeff Sessions redacted the Cole Memo earlier this year which was an Obama era policy which restricted federal interference...

Attorney General Sessions and Massachusetts Democrats go head to head over cannabis prosecution sanctuary.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the state of Massachusetts pushing to become the first state officially considered for sanctuary from cannabis prosecution. Sessions is pushing for legislation that considers prohibiting local and state police from assisting with cannabis related investigations. Mass. Representative David Rogers recently discussed with Newsweek how the...

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he plans to rescind the Cole memo

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he plans to rescind the Cole memo, a policy which prevents federal prosecution of marijuana-related offenses in states where cannabis is legal. The news is a bit of a downer considering just three days ago California legalized marijuana for all adults. If the Cole...