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Women Abuv Ground Provides Education, Growth, and Empowerment for Members

Jaelynn Offerman
Women Abuv Ground (WAG) is a professional networking organization dedicated to educating and empowering women of color in the emerging cannabis industry. The Los Angeles based organization was founded by Bonita “Bo” Money and adheres to the motto “We unite. We build together. We empower all.” WAG provides support, connections, networking,...
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CashCropToday | 411/420 | Cannapreneur & Social Equity Advocate Bo Money | Part 2

Jaelynn Offerman
In this episode of 411/420, Host Joya Italiano talks with Bonita “Bo” Money, Founder of Women Abuv Ground and NDICA, about the impact the war on drugs has had on low-income communities and how she aims to reverse the effects. Before the legalization of cannabis in some states, many people,...
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CashCropToday | 411/420 | The Basics of Cannabis Legalization. What’s The Deal In Colorado?

Seay word
This episode of 411/420 touches on Uraguay’s cannabis stand, and what’s going on with cannabis in Colorado, and Amsterdam. TUNE INTO NEW EPISODES OF 411/420 THURSDAYS, EXCLUSIVELY ON CASHCROPTODAY.COM [brid video=”272834″ player=”13300″ title=”CashCropToday 411420 Cannabis Legalization”] Connect with CashCropToday Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cashcroptoday Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cashcroptoday Follow...
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CashCropToday | Joint Venture | Barbara Southworth Talks Cannabis Surety Bonds and Banking.

Seay word
Cannabis Insurance Specialist Barbara Southworth discusses the ins and outs of insurance in the cannabis industry, states where the cannabis culture is still catching on, and state temporary licenses. STAY TUNED FOR JOINT VENTURE WITH MICHAEL PARKER. TUESDAYS, EXCLUSIVELY ON CASHCROPTODAY.COM   Follow CashCropToday Shows on Youtube >> Click Here...
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411/420 Chats with Cannapreneur and Dispensary Owner Nela Kay

Cali Green House owner, Cannapreneur, and Hip Hop artist Nela Kay discusses her avenue into the legal cannabis lane, the process of entering a dispensary as a consumer, and the misconception behind “the smoker” being lazy. @Caligreenhouse Tune In To New Episodes of 411/420 Every Thursday, Exclusively on Cashcroptoday.com [brid...

What Is It Like Being In The Business Of Marijuana?

kristen fisher
Marijuana as a business covers a lot of ground that many don’t even think certain sections would apply towards. From investing, competition to turning into license applications and waiting weeks upon weeks for a slip of paper that permits the growth and sale of marijuana. First off, to understand the...