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CashCropToday | 411/420 | Simon Yu & Cannabis Strategic Ventures

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Simon Yu discusses Cannabis Strategic Ventures and the services they provide. Some services include assisting with payroll, staffing, insurance, and other services related to employment.[brid video=”272833″ player=”13300″ title=”CashCropToday 411420 Simon Yu Cannabis Strategic Ventures”] 411/420 PRODUCTION CREW Executive Producer – Dave Hill, Lamar Seay Producer – Alex Fraser Associate Producer...
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CashCropToday | Joint Venture | Simone Cimiluca – Radzins & The Cannabis Employment Industry

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Kalogia.com, a new aged cannabis employment and freelancer network represented by Simone Cimiluca-Radzins. Simone gives Michael Parker an inside look into the cannabis employment industry, and how Kalogia plans to change the negative stigma on cannabis one employer at a time. CashCropToday Media is a global media, branding and technology...