Top 10 Interesting CEO’s in the Cannabis Industry

This top 10 list of interesting yet influential CEO’s are changing the landscape within the cannabis industry.

1.) Kristina Garcia – CEO of Women Grow

  • Took over as CEO last year
  • Spoke at a Leadership Summit stating “Showing what we can do when we come together to inspire one another.”

Women Grow:

Founded in 2014, Women Grow envisions ways to empower women who are becoming entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. All the while making their mission a profitable one too.


2.) Pete Kadens – Green Thumb International

  • Started 3 companies before becoming involved with cannabis
  • 2016 became CEO of Green Thumb International
  • Is an MJ entrepreneur who combines philanthropy and profit
  • A chairman of Streetwise, a non-profit to that supports the homeless
  • Also, CEO of Purpose Investors, Kaden’s own venture, funds businesses that show they have a significant impact socially.

Green Thumb International, LLC:

Demonstrating to industry leaders that cannabis should be talked about openly and socially. Promoting safe and quality medical cannabis nationwide, while also giving back to communities.

3.) Kim Rivers – Trulieve

  • CEO of Flordia’s largest medical cannabis business
  • Trulieve was the first to start an in-home delivery system
  • First to market, in-store sale and to open a dispensary
  • So far Flordia has 13 dispensaries because of Trulieve
  • Serve’s a 6th of Flordia’s medical cannabis patients
  • Plans for the future contain a possible 25 dispensaries to open by the end of 2018


Bringing medical cannabis to patients that would benefit. With a specially trained staff, professionals will always be at your side to guide you towards the right prescriptions that are crafted a natural as possible.

4.) Isaac Dietrich – MassRoots

  • MassRoots was founded in 2013
  • Became a focus point for Denver, since it was utilized as a social media platform
  • Even though Dietrich started MassRoots, he was ousted by his own company. only to come back and former board members resigned. As well as the CEO lead himself.
  • Only 25 years old when this multi-million dollar venture started making a profit


A place to discover the best cannabis strains and products with over 1,000,000 cannabis enthusiasts.



5.) Asha Oroskar – Orochem Technologies

Dr. Asha A. Oroskar
  • Oroskar is a molecular biologist
  • Invented a new way to extract CBD from the hemp plant
  • Completely revolutionizing the way by putting the spotlight on federal trade-secret protection for cannabis-based inventions

Orochem Technologies:

Manufactures Bioanalytical products that test economically viable molecules in Drug Discovery and Development, Clinical Diagnostics, and Food Labs.

6.) Virgil Grant – Southern California Coalition, President; California Minority Alliance, Secretary; California Cannabis, CEO

  • Grant has spent a dedicated two decades in the Southern California MJ industry
  • Owned a dispensary in L.A.
  • Now a political voice for the Southern California Coalition and the California Minority Alliance
  • The main advocate in talks with the L.A. City Council about cannabis regulations
  • Since 2018 is going to be a big year for California, Grant offers a powerful role when it comes to social equality within the cannabis business

California Cannabis:

A place where education can be sought online for individuals who are not up to date about the current changing cannabis laws as well as abroad.


7.) Amy Poinsett – MJ Freeway

  • Poinsett was the pioneer for seed to sale software for the cannabis market
  • Several states use the Leaf Data Systems seed to sale traceability program
  • Poinsett is rolling out a second-generation software called MJ Platform
  • While the company had outages, Poinsett says that MJ Platform will lead to an upswing and a 60% increase

MJ Freeway:


8.) Rob Sands – Constellation Brands

  • Started out as a lawyer
  • Within the last year became a pioneering cannabis leader after Constellation bought a 10% stake in Canopy Growth Corp.
  • Constellation Brands is an alcohol company such as Corona, Svedka Vodka, and Mondavi

Constellation Brands:

Alcohol company now looking to add cannabis to the addition. The possible infusion of non-alcoholic cannabis-fused drinks.

9.) Nancy Whiteman – Wana Brands

  • Founded Wana in 2010
  • Edibles from Wana Brands are available in 3 states
  • Started out at 5100 employees working in a 300 sq ft space. To 100 employees working in a 17,000 sq ft manufacturing facility
  • Could be going international soon

Wana Brands:

One of Colorado’s original infused products manufacturers, Wana has developed an amazing line-up of artisan, made from scratch edibles, concentrates, and medicinal products including the state’s most popular sour gummies. Wana also offers the first extended-release capsule on the market, available in three THC to CBD ratios.

10.) Michael Steinmetz – Flow Kana

  • Steinmetz found a way to use technology for delivery drivers to take out the middle man when it came to cannabis grown by farmers and their consumers
  • Spear-heading the farm to table cannabis movement
  • Raised well above thousands of dollars, with that funding Steinmetz bought 80 acres, where the campus will be transformed for small growers
  • Steinmetz is all about the community when it comes to small time growers looking for resources

Flow Kana:

We pride ourselves on being the first sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand to represent two of California’s most special micro-climates and their small farmer ecosystems. We partner with, and give scale to, premier artisan farmers in Mendocino County and Southern Humboldt who focus on small batch, boutique strains. Our products are available throughout the Golden State.


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