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Will Manufactures Be Ready In California for 2018?

California allowed their voters to vote for legalized recreational marijuana and January 1, 2018, we can expect many to sign up for licenses.

Photo From: 420EvaluationsOnline

Because certain counties and cities will see a surge in license applications (which can be a lengthy process depending on the county). There will most definitely be a boom status that manufactures and growers will feel.

A few things to prepare for would be clients looking to jumpstart a new business, and even more, dispensaries opening. However, the biggest pull may be from cannabis culinary businesses. So far investors are eyeing teams of cooks and chefs who intend to infuse cannabis within their dishes or brews.

Once the New Year hits, we will see California bloom as a whole new industry. A legal industry at that.

The best advice would be, be ready for new shops, new individuals becoming involved in the cannabis industry… after all this is a business. Another important note for a manufacturer would be this photos below:

Photo From: California Cannabis CPA

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