Willies Reserve, Cannabis Brand, Receives $12M in Funding

Willie Nelson, famous cannabis activist, is also a famous cannabis entrepreneur. His company, Willies Reserve, recently announced a $12M capital raise in order to fund the expansion of his product line into recreational cannabis states.

GCH, Inc., the firm in charge of marketing Willie Nelson’s product line, plans to expand into California, Oregon, and Washington State. Currently Willies Reserve sells edibles, concentrates, flower, vape refills, and cannabis accessories at a number of retail stores, mostly in Colorado.

Celebrities, especially those already activists for the cannabis plant, have been looking to use their famously recognizednames to their advantage. Brands like Willies Reserve, Marley Natu
rals, and Chong’s Choice are attempting to corner the marketplace by provide consumers already recognized symbol that are successful in the cannabis world, to help market products. After all wouldn’t stars ike Willie Nelson grow the best cannabis?


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