10 Steps To Becoming A Manufacturer, And How To Maximize Profits

What prudent steps should be taken?

1) First things, first research on the state you live in, read up on their marijuana laws. Not only is this the utmost important part but, from the beginning, you’ll know what is considered illegal by federal standards. Then looking into medical or recreational laws that the state enforces.

2) Become familiar with what lab equipment is used for budcutting, pesticide testing, potency tests, also proper extraction equipment. Check out Cannabis Testing Instruments to gain a better knowledge of what is to be used.

3) Clarifying what type of license you want as a manufacturer.  Yes, there are many varieties, for instance in California, you may be issued 4 licenses based on packaging or infusions.

4) Settling the location. If at any point you must relocate, you will have to hand in new applications to be re-issued those prior licenses.

5) Either being approved or declined for said licenses.

6) Showing that as a manufacturer, your products are free of any contaminants. Following the proper guidelines which will be given once you can begin to act as an active manufacturer.

7) Getting in touch with the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch within your state. The safety branch aims to protect the public’s health and partnering with them will save you a lot of difficulties.

8) Ensuring the proper packaging and labeling is cohesive to the cannabis product.

9) The transition period towards a regulated market. Read up on the transition period which can throw new manufacturers off, if they do not understand the facts behind the 6-month grey area, where any product created should follow the updated regulations at the end of that 6-month mark.

10) Knowing the difference between secondary and exit packaging. They are not the same.

By maximizing profits would come from following the laws (because no one wants to pay a hefty fee for something that was merely overlooked). Also by tapping into local events that would bring in loyal customers who are looking for a quality product. Setting up events for individuals to attend and offer a form of edibles which is at an all-time high for cannabis users.