Day : January 26, 2018

Hemp News Market Watch

Canopy Finalizing Acquisition of Hemp Based CBD Company Green Hemp

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Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX: WEED) announced yesterday that they have finalized their acquisition of hemp based CBD genetics company, Green Hemp Industrie Ltd. The transaction was based upon the acquisition of intellectual property. Green Hemp is proficient in industrial hemp harvesting techniques as well as they own a library of...
Cannabis News Market Watch

Privateer Holdings Announces Additional $100M Capital Raise

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Privateer Holding is a Seattle based portfolio company in the cannabis sector that has raised over $120M dollars in funding in 2017 and now has announced yesterday that they have raised an additional $100M investment into the company’s operations. Subsidiaries of the company include the Marley Natural branded product line,...

Attorney General Sessions and Massachusetts Democrats go head to head over cannabis prosecution sanctuary.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the state of Massachusetts pushing to become the first state officially considered for sanctuary from cannabis prosecution. Sessions is pushing for legislation that considers prohibiting local and state police from assisting with cannabis related investigations. Mass. Representative David Rogers recently discussed with Newsweek how the...