Day : January 30, 2018

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Cannabis Based Companies in California

California is a huge state that is making a lot of promises. Right now, cannabis is at the forefront of their economy that could change everything. As a manufacturer or a grower, these companies could be beneficial to you, that is if you live within the state. While this list...

California Governor Says the State Could Receive over $600 Million Tax from Recreational Cannabis

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Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown told the press that California could receive close to $643 million dollars in the first year alone of taxation on recreational cannabis. With the states total debt coming out to over a trillion dollars in 2017, the start of legally taxed cannabis for the...
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Canopy Growth Corp Announces $50M Venture Capital Fund for Growing Cannabis Businesses

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Canopy Growth Corporation (TSE: WEED) announced today the launch of a new subsidiary, Canopy Ventures, Inc. which is a $50-million-dollar venture capital fund that is going to target investments into small business in the cannabis and industrial hemp industries. The company mostly plans to focus their investments into technology based...
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10 Privately Owned Cannabis Companies

Privately owned cannabis companies that are changing and improving the way the cannabis industry is operated. 10.) HydroLogic Purification Systems – Located in Santa Cruz, CA Deals with water purification $7.5 – $9.99 Million annually Employs 17 individuals Privately financed 9.) Bhogart – Located in San Jose, CA Extraction Equipment...
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MedMen Plans to Go Public in Canada

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MedMen is a Los Angeles based management and investment cannabis company that helps operates growing and manufacturing facilities, as well as recreational cannabis stores in legal states in the United States. MedMen, a United States based private cannabis company, now plans to take their private company public by listing the...