420 Real Properties is #1 for California Cannabis Real Estate

A number of licenses and permits are required for entrepreneurs involved in the cannabis industry to legally operate and own a business. The property and location that is chosen to conduct a cannabis business depends on a wide range of evolving factors, mostly due to the rapidly changing legality occurring in the industry. 420 Real Properties can help your business choose and navigate the rugged terrain of the choosing a business location in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

420 Real Properties specializes in offering its clients a wide range of possible locations to run its business. The cannabis based real estate company targets industry professionals and new business owners to offer its properties involved in indoor or outdoor cultivation, manufacturing facilities, processing facilities, distribution facilities, and recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

Whether you are currently trying to sell or involved in the purchase of your own property, the 420 Real Properties team will validate for you whether or not a certain property will meet the correct criteria to conduct your business. The company also offers cannabis company approved loans at flexible rates at a 30 day escrow. 420 Real Properties will even help manage tenant and property owner relations if clients are looking to lease to ensure that business is being conducted legally with correct licenses and permits.

Clients can be confident that 420 Real Properties will provide guidance in choosing and validating that the business location you choose will be the right fit for your cannabis operation.