A History of Cannabis in California

Pacific Expeditors announces the release of the first documentary capturing the origins of the California cannabis industry.

The prohibition of cannabis shrouded the history of the U.S. cannabis movement as the risk of incarceration and violence forced their stories into silence.

Partnering with Seattle based marketing-firm, Wick & Mortar, Pacific Expeditors recorded the never before accessed stories from the community involved in Humboldt County’s cannabis trade.

The story begins in the 1970s with the “Back to the Land” movement by a group of young men and women who by following their passion to live close to the land started on the unexpected, incredible journey of joy and hardships, community and secrecy, that ignited a new multi-billion dollar industry.

Susan Combs, one of Humboldt’s revered Legacy Growers, and Pat Andrews, a cannabis cultivator of 35 years in the Emerald Triangle, give a first-hand recounting of Humboldt County’s cannabis history.

In a way, A Humboldt Story resembles the story of America – a diverse group of individuals dreaming of a better life set out to colonize a new frontier, and, on their journey, ultimately founding the heartland of modern-day cannabis.

This is A Humboldt Story, told by Humboldt.

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