After More Than A Year of Legalization, Ordering Weed Online is Easy With Blowout420

October 17 2018 is the day, under the Cannabis Act, that marijuana became legal in Canada . Ordering weed online is easy and of course, 100% within the legal parameters of the Cannabis Act. You might be asking yourself, why was marijuana legalized? Here are some reasons:

  • Marijuana is a big profit sector, Canada wanted it out of criminals pocket’s.
  • Ensure high quality and safe products for all
  • Make sure that only adults have access to marijuana products

As a marijuana buyer, you should know your rights and the limits of the law. Here are some of the things you should know:

Ordering Medical Marijuana from Blowout420

Medical marijuana was already legal before if you had the authorization from your doctor or from the Government of Canada. The legalization of Cannabis on October 17th did not change much for people who already had the authorization to consume medical marijuana.

What is legal when buying weed online?

Depending on the province you are living in, some rules might be different. For example, the age you are allowed to buy marijuana or the amount you are allowed to have. Although, the federal government has set some rules for marketing for every province which read as follow :

  • You are allowed to possess a maximum of 30 grams of legal cannabis in public places.
  • You are allowed to share a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis with other people of age.
  • You are allowed to buy weed online or in a government regulated store (depending on the province)
  • You are allowed to grow up to 4 plants of cannabis from licensed seeds if they are for your own personal use
  • You can make your own cannabis product in Canada, like food or beverages, in the comfort of your own house. As long as you don’t use other products to create a homemade concentrated final product.

The Protection of The Youth

To make sure to prevent underage people from having access to weed online, the federal government created a lot of different measures. Of course, to order weed online with Blowout420, you need to be of age. They are not targeting and will never target underage citizens. Here are some of the rules followed by Blowout420 to ensure your security:

  • They do not sell products targeting the youth
  • They do not have packaging targeting the youth
  • They do not promote Cannabis in Canada, except in circumstances where it wouldn’t reach underage citizens

Ordering Weed Online from Blowout420

BlowOut420 is one of the few dispensaries in Canada where anyone of legal age can come and buy weed at low wholesale prices. They are well known throughout the community for their vast array of top quality products, unique high potent strains, their great personalized promotions and nothing but the best service to their esteemed customers.

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