Arathi Cannabis Lights Up Its Capital Raise With S.E.C. Buzz

Lone Mountain Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Arathi Cannabis Company, has completed its consolidation of its founding companies, and registered with the S.E.C. for capital expansion.

The company has registered with the S.E.C. bearing CIK # 0001859072. The Reg. D offering memorandum, may be viewed at the company’s password protected tab on its project website at The company’s password protected privacy for the accreditation process also on this website.

The predecessor companies have been in business and show earnings.

The company has a retail store that is profitable, in Coos Bay, Oregon. The retail store is named Arathi Dispensary, and has a website at

The primary purposes of the capital raise are for expansion of covered and indoor growing areas, for purchase of more land, to open other retail stores, and to expand into other States.

Company president, Eric Haskins said: “We’re excited about having gone through the S.E.C. process, because it gave us the opportunity to bring all of our companies into alignment for better transparency.”

Co-founder and vice president, Rob Peters added: “This process has helped us with our corporate governance, a process that investors will appreciate.”

Scott Tobia, another co-founder, stated: “We can now better show our full process, farm-to-retail customer, in a more organized manner. We look forward to expanding our licensing, growing and marketing capabilities.”

ABOUT LONE MOUNTAIN HOLDINGS, Inc.: Lone Mountain Holdings, Inc. succeeded High Octane Organics, Inc. and Arathi Dispensaries OR, Inc., as the company founders grew their cannabis project in the State of OregonLone Mountain has adopted the trade name, Arathi Cannabis Company, and the company board members remain as the founders of all of the companies, including Eric HaskinsRobert Peters and Randy ‘Scott’ Tobia. By board resolution, company officials registered the company with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, bearing EDGAR CIK # 0001859072. With its registration, the company filed its first Form Reg. D. onto EDGAR. For viewer privacy, company officials have added a password protected tab to this website. Viewers may register under no obligation, and may view and download documents once registered. Company officials do not retain any viewer information. The Reg. D offering memorandum may be viewed at the password protected tab on this website. The parallel Series A offering may, also, be viewed at the password protected tab on this website. In Massachusetts, company officials await zoning reviews, before beginning a new project there.

With changes in the law in the State of Oklahoma, company officials are now in the early stages of exploring a project potential in that State.

ABOUT STR Capital, Inc.: The company is a sales fulfillment company that has been retained by Lone Mountain Holdings, Inc., in order to assist with processing its shares sales, as an administrative task. At the present time in its S.E.C. stage, Lone Mountain Holdings, Inc., does not  believe that any sales volume would require the retainer of a formal transfer agent. Investors may purchase shares at the privacy protected password tab. Investor funds are held in escrow, pending the three-day right of withdrawal period, in the trust account of an attorney. Upon further investor authorization, funds are transferred to the company, and STR Capital, Inc., sends the shares certificate to the purchase. As no shares of the company are beyond the bounds of a Reg. D or Series A offering, there is no requirement for a FINRA broker, at this stage of the company’s organization.

ABOUT OTC 251, INC.: OTC 251, Inc. is a filer support and marketing company. The company limits its business to securities writings for JOBS Act offerings, OTC filings, private series sector offerings, and to grant writing, where it  has considerable experience. The company website is at

FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENT: May 21, 2021 – Lone Mountain Holdings, Inc. is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.). The S.E.C. file number, known as the CIK # is: 0001859072.

On April 27, 2021, the Company uploaded its Form Reg. D onto its file, pursuant to Rule 506(c). The company is doing business under its trade name: Arathi Cannabis Company. The Reg. D offering memorandum may be viewed at the password protected tab on this website. The parallel Series A offering may be viewed at the password protected tab on this website.

Any information on this press release is made solely for information and orientation purposes. No persons should rely on any statements made on this press release. Investors may view any offering documents in a password protected privacy setting at the password tab above. There is no obligation to purchase securities by creating a login registration, and we do not keep your information.

There is nothing in this press release that could be, or should be, construed as representing that the S.E.C. has, in any way, shape or form, endorsed any of the contents above, including any of the offerings described herein.


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