Arbor Vita8 signs exclusive processing contract with Bazelet Oglesby to work with the only patented Zero THC Cannabis Plant in the United States

Continuing its mission to support the hemp industry across the Southeastern United States, Arbor Vita8 will now process the CBG-dominant strain Panakeia™, the first and only patented cannabis plant in the country that contains no THC and built exclusively by Bazelet Oglesby in Atha, Florida.

Referred to by some as the ‘Tesla of cannabis,’ Panakeia™ has promising applications within the food, drug, and cosmetic industries. Due to its total lack of THC, the plant genetic also provides zero risk for farmers, helping them avoid growing non-compliant hemp plants. Normally, hemp plants can only contain up to 0.3 percent THC to maintain their legal status across the country, and there’s always a chance that strains with any THC present will end up with too much. Panakeia™ eliminates this risk entirely.


“Connecting with Bazelet allows us to remain at the forefront of what’s happening in the hemp industry,” says Jason Sirotin, Arbor Vita8 CEO. “We pride ourselves on innovation, efficiency, and quality products, so it aligns perfectly to be able to bring such an amazing strain of cannabis into our processing facility.”

Arbor Vita8 will begin processing Panakeia™ crops for Authorized Bazelet Cultivators in late 2021. Prior to that, Arbor Vita8 is working on obtaining GMP and other certifications, as well as making facility improvements, to comply with Bazelet’s processing and manufacturing protocols.

Bazelet opted to partner with Arbor Vita8 because of its team, capability, and capacity. Arbor Vita8 shares an, “unwavering commitment to excellence, to federal law, FDA compliance, and to our compliance with our manufacturing specifications. Their team has the well-rounded skill sets necessary to perform in this demanding professional environment, and we have full confidence in this pairing,” says Michael Elzufon, Bazelet’s Executive Director. Elzufon continued “The Bazelet organization is honored and humbled to lead the nation in the development of safe and effective food, drug, and cosmetic compounds derived from THC-free cannabis plants. Arbor Vita8 will provide critical services that propel our successes in the Southeast U.S.,”

The team at Arbor Vita8 is looking forward to working with Bazelet and its Authorized Bazelet Cultivators according to Sirotin, who sees big things for this partnership. “It’s always important that we continue to grow as a company, providing farmers with access to processing equipment as well as manufacturers with a diversity of products that are in demand.” Already a huge processor for hemp growers in the Southeast, Arbor Vita8 offers a full range of services, from seed to sale with plenty of additional resources to help those in the industry succeed.

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ABOUT BAZELET OGLESBY: Bazelet Oglesby is an innovative plant science company establishing itself as a world leader in tissue culture propagation and the production of young plants for the global horticulture industry. The company is a subsidiary of Bazelet Health Systems and Oglesby Plants International.  Bazelet Health Systems, Inc. possesses the U.S. patent, trademark, manufacturing license of Panakeia™, the only patented cannabis sativa L plant in the world (USPP32725.) Bazelet Health Systems, Inc. (BHS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neon Bloom, Inc. (OTC: NBCO). BHS is at the global forefront of the legal cannabis industry and represents a deliberate strategy to provide effective medical treatment and patient experience through exceptional THC-Free cannabis photo-genetics, clinical research, and effective cannabinoid-derived compounds for food, drug, and cosmetic applications.

ABOUT ARBOR VITA8:  Arbor Vita8 is a seed-to-sale commercial hemp company operating out of a 75,000 sq ft facility in Phenix City, Alabama. As the leading resource for licensed hemp seed and clone sales, cultivation, processing, and wholesaling, Arbor Vita8 is focused on helping our farming and manufacturing partners thrive. With laser focus on the whole value chain, Arbor Vita8 is the right company to partner with. Visit for more information.

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