Asian Hemp Summit to Take Place in Nepal

The first annual Asian Hemp Summit is set to take place next year in Katmandu, Nepal. The conference will offer attendees insight into the burgeoning industrial hemp industry on the continent of Asia, specifically in the countries of China, India, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, and Japan.

Tickets for the event went on sale earlier this month, with early bird tickets going for $466 dollars until October 12 and full ticket pricing going for $672. Attendees of the event are expected to be retailers, consumers, politicians, lawmakers, politicians, and environmental advocacy groups.

The Summit will cover a wide range of topics involved with the hemp industry including investing, cultivation & harvest, hemp derived CBD products, textiles, building materials, biocomposites, R&D, cosmetics, harvesting, and extraction technology.

The introduction of such an event in Asia is evidence of the rapid growth of the industrial hemp industry into a global movement. Countries around the world currently grow hemp for a number of different reasons and it is clear that the acceptance of the plant is linked directly to its ability to be used in a wide array of sustainable applications.

Speakers for the Event will Include:

Anar Artur, CEO, HempMongolia
Riki Hiroi, Each Japan
Nivedita & Dhiraj Shah, SHIV, Nepal
Steve Allin, International Hemp Building Association
Paul Benhaim, Elixinol Group Ltd, Australia
Daniel Kruse, HempConsult GmbH, Germany
Hana Gabrielova, Hempoint, Czech Republic
Haile Selassie Tefari, Hemp Service Intl., France
Arne Verhoef, HempHub, South Africa
Morris Beegle, WAFBA & NoCo Hemp Expo, USA
Rick Trojan, Hemp Road Trip, USA.

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