Aurora and Micron Team Up to Tackle Cannabis Waste Solutions

Aurora Cannabis, Inc. and Micron Waste Technologies have paired up to create a collaborative effort to minimize the environmental and financial impact of disposing of organic waste created within the cannabis industry. Aurora has announced their partnership with Micron in the form of a mutually beneficial investment that will work toward perfecting Micron’s existing technologies to fit into the waste management needs of the cannabis industry.

Micron’s latest technology focuses on specialized digestion and treatment that turns organic waste products into drinkable water. This stands to be a tremendous improvement in the world of cannabis processing and cultivation, as current methods require the use of landfills that are not environmentally friendly. Already, Micron’s new technology has made a positive impression upon a grocery store chain in British Columbia. They have entered into an agreement with this supermarket chain to work toward further installations of this aerobic digestion solution.

CEO of Aurora Cannabis Terry Booth regards Micron’s tech as an ideal solution for a process that is not only time-intensive but also not exactly cost-efficient. Not only is Micron’s technology more environmentally sound than utilizing municipal landfill sites, but it is also more cost-effective.

Aurora will be Micron’s introduction to cannabis, which both companies are excited to witness the outcome of. With more states legalizing cannabis either for medicinal or recreational use all of the time, there is going to be an even greater demand for an ethical and environmentally responsible means of disposing of cannabis waste products that are left at the end of the production process. This could be a huge development in the cannabis industry if everything goes as well as Aurora and Micron both anticipate.
Aurora already has fashioned a proprietary digester for this purpose, but together with Micron, they expect to be able to fine-tune their combination of technologies to create the perfect solution. Micron will be installing one of its units at an Aurora site, where the two companies will work together to best optimize this technology for use in the cannabis sector.

The two companies have big plans following the success of the waste digester. Global Hemp Group expects several developments to arise from the successful utilization of the first digester placed at the tester Aurora facility.


Once the first sale of the digester technology occurs, Micron will offer Aurora 2 million shares of its company.

Aurora will bring this technology into more of their facilities.

Aurora will receive a 4% royalty for every unit sold to other producers, worldwide.

Micron will retain any and all intellectual property rights related to the organic waste digester.
Aurora has acquired a total of 6.46 percent non-diluted ownership. Their total investment with Micron Waste Technologies is valued at over one million dollars.

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