Australia Plans to Raise Legal THC Percentage for Hemp Farmers

Australia plans to raise the legal percentage of the legal amount of THC found in commercial industrial hemp cultivation for farmer’s throughout the continent. The Australian Prime Minister believes this change in legislation will allow new cultivars of hemp to be grown that have been considered illegal for decades.

Australia has recently legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp for food consumption purposes. The new legal limit of THC within the hemp industry in Australia has been raised by an entire percent. Industrial hemp farmers will now be able to cultivate varieties that produce up to 1.35% THC. These less stringent guidelines allows for farmers to diversify the types of hemp they grow.

Australia has issued 42 commercial industrial hemp licenses to farmers, mostly in the western part of the country. Prime Minister MacTiernan believes the revival of the hemp industry will create a new profitable export, as well as create agricultural jobs for Australians.