Australians Overwhelmingly Support Medical Cannabis

Ninety one percent of Australians support medicinal cannabis use. Chronic diseases like epilepsy, chronic pain, nausea in cancer related chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and palliative care are already legally treated with medical marijuana.

Because of the overwhelming support, experts claim that over-the-counter cannabis purchases are just a matter of time. The current process for obtaining marijuana is time consuming and difficult, requiring both state and federal permission. For medical marijuana to be legitimized, this process needs to be streamlined. Nine US states, Spain, and Uruguay have all legalized marijuana. Canada and New Zealand are both close to doing the same.

An “Australian Cannabis Agency (ACA)” has been proposed by Greens leader Richard Di Natale. It would allow experts, regulators, and state governments to issues licenses for the production and sale of marijuana. The ACA would be able to issue licenses and monitor licensees.

Although medicinal cannbis is supported by the vast majority of Australians, a seminar revealed that only 35% of Australians support the outright legalization of cannabis.

Sharlene Mavor, of Medical Cannabis Research Australia, believes that doctors need to see medical cannabis “…as a legitimate pharmaceutical product before we legalize it for adult use.”

Drake Sutton-Shearer, CEO of PROHBTD Media, markets cannabis to global audiences. He believes that education is key, to both doctors and patients. “Doctors can truly help destigmatize cannabis by using their credibility to explain the potential benefits and dispel the many untruths that originally gave cannabis a bad name.”

Bloomberg predicts that by 2028, most European countries will legalize medical and recreational cannabis – with a value of $A182 billion. According to Forbes, Australia’s legal cannabis market is forecast to grow from $52 million in 2018 to $1.2 billion in 2027.

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