Balkannabis Expo 2018: World Industrial Hemp and Cannabis Conference in Athens this summer

June 1-3, 2018 at The Technopolis Convention Center in Athens, Greece, the Balkannabis Expo will offer two international Conferences with highly acclaimed speakers representing the hemp and cannabis business and research sectors.  One day will be dedicated to the science and application of Medical Cannabis and the following day to the Hemp industry.  Each day will include two and a half hours of Masterclasses (professional seminars) along with parallel cannabis culture workshops and will end with music and festivities.  The final day will consist of one final Masterclass, two workshops and B2B/marketing opportunities.

The Balkannabis Expo will help set the tone for hemp and cannabis activities in all of southeast Europe.  Experts from many countries including The U.S., Germany, Australia, The Czech Republic, Canada, and Slovakia will be on hand to teach and lead discussions on such topics as recent research findings, medical products, processing, manufacturing, cultivation, training of doctors/medical personnel, market analysis and much more.  There will also be many opportunities for networking and marketing.

Many of the biggest players in the international hemp and cannabis industry will be present as presenters, exhibitors and sponsors.  Opportunities for additional exhibitors and sponsors are still available.  For anyone seeking to prosper in the hemp/cannabis industry in southeast Europe the Balkannabis Expo 2018 is a perfect opportunity to inform yourself and network with others who can help facilitate your success.  You can find more information at

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