Best CBG Oil Products – Official List by CBD Oil Users, a leading CBD education website, has released its 2020 list of the best CBG oil products, available at

Amid all the buzz about CBD (cannabidiol) in recent months, another naturally occurring compound from cannabis has started to gain popularity among consumers. CBG (cannabigerol) products are increasingly showing up in the product lines of major hemp-derived CBD brands.

CBG is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids.” The raw version of CBG is actually the precursor to the better-known cannabinoids CBD and THC. Recent advancements in hemp farming and extraction are making it possible to create products with higher levels of CBG than were previously possible.

“Based on feedback from users in our CBD community, the increase in consumer demand and availability of high CBG products is a trend worth watching,” Brian Peterson, the managing editor of, said. “The potential benefits of individual cannabinoids and combinations of them are different by person. But we’re definitely hearing some success stories from users who are using CBG oil either in conjunction with or in place of the more mainstream CBD products.”

Finding quality CBG products can be a challenge since they are relatively new to the market. The list of the best CBG oil products for 2020 published by can help consumers identify the brands that are most trusted by other users. All of the brands on the list offer lab-tested products at fair prices and have received positive reviews from users.

The brands on the list include:

CBDistillery (Denver, CO)
Medterra (Irvine, CA)
Extract Labs (Boulder, CO)
Thoughtcloud (Portland, OR)

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