Bipartisan Legislation Introduced in Congress to End Federal Interference in Legal Cannabis States

Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) and Cory Gardner (R-Colo) have introduced a new bill last week to congress called the States Act. The States Act would end the possibility of Federal interference within medical and recreational cannabis states. More simply put, the legislation would leave the matter of legalization up to the people or states legislative officials.

In order for U.S. states, territories, and tribes to qualify from protection from federal interference they must adhere to certain guidelines such as imposing an enforcement of an age limit for adult consumption and restrict the sale of cannabis at highway rest stops. Senator Warren believes that by allowing the bill to pass, people that benefit from the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids would have easier access to the medicine that they need.

The new bill would directly interfere with Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to go after recreational cannabis states. Mr. Sessions had ended the Cole memorandum in the beginning of 2018 which has causes Senators like Cory Gardner to act swiftly to find ways to protect states like Colorado from federal interference.

What currently remains unclear is how congress would perceive the bill. A conversation took place earlier this year between President Donald Trump and Cory Gardner in which Trump told Garden that he would support legislation to protect states right to legalize industrial hemp and cannabis.

“These are archaic laws that don’t just hurt individual people,” Warren said. “They also prevent businesses who are in the marijuana business from getting access to banking services. That forces a multibillion dollar industry to operate all in cash. That’s bad for business and bad for safety.”