Boston Entrepreneurs Announce Launch of Lifestyle Brand and Cannabinoid (CBD) Product Line “Platinum Jane, LLC”

Christian-Olivier Lalonde

Boston entrepreneurs Valentin TenevMark PanagakisKaya UlcayAva Jane Redmond and Joel Walmsley announce the launch of “Platinum Jane” and their foray into the cannabinoid (CBD) product market.

The once heavily regulated flower, cannabinoid is the non-intoxicating extract of the cannabis plant and CBD products are quickly becoming an attractive alternative to prescription medication. Research supports that cannabis has been credited with helping remedy a host of health and cognitive issues. Relaxed hemp regulations have created a 22-billion-dollar industry with some analysts projecting consumer buying to surpass currently well-known health supplements.

Platinum Jane has hit the ground running by offering an innovative approach to product development and leading the market by providing high-quality and competitive pricing without compromising products. “Within the next few months our plan is to integrate an information and resource center on our site,” said Mark Panagakis, Director of Quality Control. “We are an open utility for visitors to use to further educate themselves on the benefits of cannabinoid products, industry research and general awareness.”

The young professionals at the helm of Platinum Jane began their journey almost one year ago. “Platinum Jane was originally the passion project of our friends Valentin Tenev and Christian-Olivier Lalonde,” said Ava Jane Redmond, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Val and Christian spent months creating the concept with just a few missing pieces. The brand was planned to launch late in March 2018.” Tragically, on March 5, 2018 while driving home from an event in New YorkChristian-Olivier Lalonde lost control of his vehicle, crashing down an icy embankment. Days later he passed away from his injuries.

This week Fisher College in Boston, where Christian was attending university, established a scholarship in his name. “It is truly an honor to see Christian’s vision of Platinum Jane become a reality and his legacy memorialized by the University,” said Sheri Denise, Christian’s mother. A portion of proceeds from Platinum Jane are being donated to the endowment.

Visit them at or social media @PlatinumJane.

About Platinum Jane: Platinum Jane is a lifestyle brand committed to promoting the healing power of plants through CBD products. We are a company that wants to inspire holistic wellness by specializing in high-quality cannabinoid products for like-minded consumers who want to support our enthusiasm, values and mission.