BulKanna Leads New Era of Hemp Cultivation with Game-Changing Feminized Hemp Seeds and Strains

BulKanna bulk hemp supplier is announcing the launch of several new seed strains this week, adding to their catalog of premium, feminized, non-GMO carefully sourced seed supply.

Leading the new launch is the high CBD strain Spectrum.

The powerful combination of the Z7 strain combined with the uplifting hybrid Cannatonic has resulted in the creation of one of the highest CBD strains in our collection. Spectrum has an extremely vigorous growth rate, contributing to above average yields. With consistent cannabidiol ratios reaching: 8-22% CBD, <0.3%+ THC, Spectrum offers hemp farmers huge returns and early harvest possibilities. When planted in ideal conditions, the Spectrum averages 2,000 to 3,000 pounds of dry whole plant material per acre. We recommend a 5′-6′ spacing on center. Expected harvest date by the first week of October.

Other available top feminized seed strains include: Honey Badger (Autoflower), Merlot, Cherry Bomb, Happy Wife, Abacus, Cherry Wine, The Bowl, Stormy Daniels, and more.

BulKanna’s goal is to provide high quality, trusted, tested genetics to farmers at a value relative to the rapidly changing commodities market. Our farmers know they are getting the best value and maximum profitability with the seeds in our catalog.

The October release of the industry-defining USDA Interim Final Rule on hemp updated regulations outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill and created a nation-wide regulated hemp market, but left many start-ups, growers and hemp manufacturers unsure of their path forward. The Interim Final Rule creates a clear framework for national legality for the booming industry. It also dictates testing requirements for pre-harvest hemp, and defines acceptable “margin of error” ranges for all testing and limits approved laboratories, creating a potential difficulty for unprepared cultivators and extractors.

Bulk hemp seed, biomass and extract supplier BulKanna is working to quickly adapt to the changing landscape and is leading the market in supplying seeds, organic bulk hemp, full spectrum extract and white label goods in compliance with the Interim Final Rule, as well as preparing for various outcomes following the 60 day open comment period.

“As a B2B supplier we take our job as compliance experts seriously,” said BulKanna founder and CEO Tamar Hill following the release of the new regulatory framework. “What everyone is thinking about now is the 2020 planting season and making sure their plans will align with what the USDA finalizes. Our whole business model is based on helping to take that worry away for folks.”

Tamar and her family have been successfully founding companies in the cannabis and hemp space since the industry’s inception. BulKanna represents the pinnacle of her experience, and its vertically integrated approach offers businesses soil to shelf options. “Because we supply seeds, grow, extract and test ourselves, we can guarantee compliance every step of the way – which gives us an edge as these regulations evolve.”

To learn more about the products and new seed release go to www.bulkanna.com. For business, supply or white label inquiries contact brandon@pacificroots.com. Find BulKanna on Facebook @Bulkanna.

About BulKanna
BulKanna supplies premium bulk hemp products from seeds to biomass to full spectrum extract. BulKanna’s organic growing standards, compliant and stringent third-party laboratory testing and entire lifecycle support to its clients mark its dedication as a leader in the B2B industry and in promoting the value of quality hemp worldwide.

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