Camberwell Launches Line Of Full Spectrum CBD Oil Products Empowering People To Live Lives Better Together

Camberwell, an integrated cannabis company—with operations spanning farming, processing, and production, has officially launched in the U.S., now offering a line of full spectrum hemp flower extract (CBD Oil) products. After a year of so much uncertainty, Camberwell’s products are aimed at helping its consumers tackle the restlessness and stress of this past year and live life to the fullest. The initial launch includes tinctures, vapes and gummies, allowing consumers to find a product that fits their lifestyle and accommodates specific use needs.

Camberwell recognizes that meaningful shared experiences start with taking care of yourself—beginning with what you put into your body. Grown and processed on Camberwell’s Farm in the heart of Oregon’s Columbia Basin, Camberwell’s products are produced in a state-of-the-art extraction site, the industry’s largest vertically integrated, single-site CBD Oil production facility. With the combination of farming, processing, and manufacturing, Camberwell has established the Certified Camberwell standards to ensure only the highest-quality hemp flower extracts are used, allowing consumers to know and feel confident in the origin of their products from seed to soil to soul.

“Being present and able with loved ones is the greatest gift we can give to others,” says Erik Attkisson, head of marketing. “Our products are designed to help people put their best foot forward so they can live a more fulfilling life with friends, family and co-workers. We believe the wellness properties in our products help remove barriers like stress, pain and sleeplessness so people can live life to the fullest, which is especially critical for so many after this past year.”

Camberwell shares a zeal and a zest for life – experienced together. With a company purpose of bringing people closer together, Camberwell believes in the importance of taking care of one’s self in order to be a great co-conspirator. This allows one to be committed to being present with loved ones, sans modern distractions and over-commitments, and this shared awareness makes it easy to say yes to new moments, new experiences, and new meaningful opportunities. After a year of being indoors and hyper-connected to devices, Camberwell is inviting everyone to make 2021 a “Year of We,” encouraging more thoughtful and safe encounters and providing products to encourage being present, rested and to help diminish the anxieties of the past year.

Camberwell grows, extracts, preserves, and guarantees the highest quality of hemp flower phytocannabinoid products. The Certified Camberwell standards lead the industry in product transparency, quality and purity, allowing consumers to confidently purchase their CBD Oil products. The three tenets of Certified Camberwell include:

  • Organic Farming: Camberwell’s Farm is located at the fertile Columbia Basin of Oregon with water coming down from pristine preserves of Canada’s national parks to its hemp grown in USDA certified organic soil. Camberwell’s beautifully natural cannabis is a result of nature’s greatest cleansers—all thanks to pesticide-free and nutrient-rich soil.
  • Proof of Purity: Following certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and industry standards, Camberwell uses genetically verified cannabis seeds with each batch chemically validated by independent third-party laboratories, weeding out hybrids, facsimiles and GMOs.
  • Bio-Preserv Processing: Camberwell’s proprietary, on-farm Slow Drying & Pelletization process preserves nearly 100% of nature’s phytocompounds. The custom-designed Cyro-Extrator yields high concentrations of phytocannabinoids while the gentle Three Stage Wipe Film Distillation process preserves full spectrum plant profiles, allowing for maximum phytocannabinoid and terpene activation.

Camberwell products are made with hemp flower extract containing a multiplex of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN, providing the entourage effect of synergistic health benefits. All quality verified and fully traceable, the current product line-up includes:

  • Full Spectrum Nano CBD Oil Tinctures (starting at $59.99): Camberwell’s CBD tinctures are blended with the highest grade of MCT coconut oil (C8 & C10), made to easily digest and deliver steady metabolic energy to the brain and body. The fast-acting nano CBD is absorbed by the body faster and more fully than common oral tinctures. The Camberwell tinctures are available in 750mg, 1500mg and 3000mg and are flavor-free to allow mixing with favorite foods or beverages.
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Vaporizer Cartridges ($40): These 225mg fast-acting vaporizer cartridges offer one of the most effective and aromatic ways to absorb Camberwell’s hemp extract and are available in flavors of forbidden fruit and blood orange, produced by natural plant terpenes.
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Gummies (2-pack $5; 10-pack $20): Set to launch in June 2021, Camberwell’s gummies are vegan and sugar-free with 85mg of hemp flower extract, available in an elderberry flavor. Camberwell’s nanotechnology uses a proprietary ultrasonication method to reduce hemp extract particle size to increase bioavailability and efficacy.

For more information on Camberwell and to purchase products and brand merchandise, please visit Stay tuned for exciting new product announcements in the coming months and follow along on Facebook at @camberwell.official and on Instagram at @camberwell_official.

Camberwell is an integrated cannabis company, headquartered in Salt Lake City with farms in the Columbia Basin of Oregon. Camberwell grows, processes and produces their own line of cannabis and hemp goods, with a goal of providing products that bring people closer together. Leading the industry in product origin transparency and quality, Camberwell has established Certified Camberwell standards for cultivation and processing. To learn more, please visit and follow along on Facebook and Instagram. #livelifebettertogether