Cannabis Brand CULTA Announces Partnership With New Age Nanotech

Maryland’s best known cannabis brand, CULTA, announced today its licensing partnership with New Age Nanotech, which provides the leading clinically-backed delivery technology for cannabinoids, Solutech™. The two companies will combine their expertise to enter the edibles category with a new brand launching in Q1 of 2021.

Founded in 2015, CULTA is the leading cultivator on the East Coast, distributing CULTA, Cookies, Willie’s Reserve, Apothecanna, and GPen, throughout the state of Maryland. Its brand of consciously cultivated cannabis flower, concentrates and extracts, has garnered the attention of the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Business Journal, Washingtonian Magazine, Reuters, and more. To grow its revenues, CULTA regularly looks for new product categories to enter.

“Rapid-onset is the future of cannabis,” said Mackie Barch, president and co-founder of CULTA. “The future of cannabis isn’t smoking or vaping and people don’t want to wait an hour for edibles to work. New Age’s rapid-onset technology will allow us to create products with a safe but fast onset in five to fifteen minutes. No more horror stories of over indulging on edibles.”

Infusing cannabis into edibles presents three major challenges: limited shelf-stability, poor absorption, and inconsistent dosing. An expert in oral delivery technologies, New Age Nanotech addresses these issues with its patented solution, Solutech™ – a clear, pharmaceutical-grade, bioactive formulation.

New Age Nanotech’s early research on Solutech™ showed dramatically increased speed of absorption and elimination (fast onset and offset of effects), peak blood levels and bioavailability, along with a consistent and desirable consumer experience. Most notably, Solutech™ is being evaluated in a pivotal Phase I human clinical trial led by KGK Science, a premier clinical research organization. The Health Canada-approved trial is nearing completion.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that CULTA will develop and launch Solutech™-infused premium products to the Maryland market. Our licensing partnership represents two best-in-class companies joining forces to develop clinically-backed and reliably-dosed products with CULTA’s craft cannabis,” said Dr. Volker Berl, CEO of New Age Nanotech.

“Solutech™ may be the fastest-acting, most bioavailable and comprehensively studied delivery system, uniquely differentiated and validated by the only Phase I human clinical trial in the industry for both major cannabinoids”, he continued. “We are excited to help CULTA build the future of the edibles market in Maryland, and beyond.”