Cannabis Science Announces Launch of iCannabinoid

On February 27, 2018, Cannabis Science, Inc., (OTC: CBIS), a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines, announced the beta launch of iCannabinoid, a social media and educational website.

iCannabinoid is designed to serve as an information center, resource hub, and support group for those seeking alternative cannabinoid treatments for various critical ailments such as cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, and more.

iCannabinoid My Health Modules are a significant feature in iCannabinoid that will allow members to set up fully integrated personal health modules for tracking health records and goals. Members will be able to track personal milestones, and many other items relating to their specific personal health maintenance.

In addition, the site will enable members to track and share their personal experiences with cannabinoid treatments through action groups, chat, blogs, photos, and videos.  iCannabinoid will provide both medical practitioners and patients the opportunity to educate themselves through sharing information about the potential benefits of using cannabinoids as a medicine.

About Cannabis Science, Inc.:
Cannabis Science, Inc. works with leading experts in drug development, medicinal characterization, and clinical research to develop, produce, and commercialize CBD-based therapeutic approaches for the treatment of illnesses caused by infections as well as age-related illness. The company’s primary focus is on

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