CannAmerica Common Shares Debuts on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)

CannAmerica Brands Corporations has joined the flurry of American based cannabis businesses that have chosen to take their company public across the northern border. CannAmerica, which owns a number of different cannabinoid derived brands in the United States, has debuted its common shares to investors on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol “CANA.”

CannAmerica currently owns a number of brand licensing agreements, intellectual property, and different product brands in Colorado, Nevada, and Maryland. Most notably the veteran founded company owns the edible brand known as CannAmerica which is being sold in dispensaries, mostly in the recreationally legal state of Colorado.

Recently, their company was capable of raising close to $5.4 million dollars via a non-brokered private placement. CannAmerica plans to utilize the funds raised to expand their product brands across the United States and internationally as law permits them to. The company is heavily invested in adding value to its investors by the acquisition of brand licensing agreements in the USA.

“CannAmerica is excited to achieve this milestone as we work toward expanding our brands into new markets in the U.S. cannabis sector, and beyond. Today’s announcement is a significant landmark for CannAmerica and the direct prospectus listing provides investors with access to a new player in this emerging industry. We have multi-state licenses who benefit from a recognized brand, as well as the proprietary formulas, recipes, intellectual property, ingredients, packaging solutions, and trade secrets for creating premium cannabis products,” said Dan Anglin, CannAmerica Co-Founder and CEO.

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