CannaVision and Mr. Hemp-Michael Bowman and the Bowman Family Farm Sign J/V for 400 Acres with Hemp Farming Permit in Colorado

StereoVision Entertainment Inc (OTC:SVSN) a publicly traded Nevada company announced today that their majority-owned medical cannabis and organic hemp subsidiary, CannaVision, has signed a J/V agreement with Wray, Colorado’s Mr. Hemp, Michael Bowman, and the Bowman Family Farm for 400 irrigated farming acres with an active hemp farming permit.

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“We’re very fortunate to have secured this J/V with Michael Bowman dubbed, “Mr. Hemp” by United States Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack,” ( said CannaVision’s COO Steven Previch. “While we’re standing by at the ready waiting for our hemp farming permits for the farming acreage we’ve secured in Puerto Rico, with the Bowman Family Farms J/V we’re now fully licensed and permitted for hemp farming. As with the farmland J/V’s we’ve secured in Puerto Rico, the Bowman Family Farms J/V calls for CannaVision to advance the cost of planting and bringing the 400 acres of hemp to harvest while Bowman Family Farm’s is managing everything from seed to market. CannaVision is to recover all of its costs from the first funds in and then it is a 50-50 split on all forms of revenue. With this business model, CannaVision has no upfront costs for the purchase or lease of irrigated farmlands. An added value in this J/V is the Bowman’s unparalleled knowledge and experience in the industrial hemp industry.”

“With United States Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wanting to legalize hemp by removing it from the controlled substances list,” Previch concluded, “the mainstream commercialization of hemp products in America could soon begin in earnest,”

StereoVision Entertainment Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada StereoVision is a publicly traded Nevada corporation (OTC:SVSN) focused on creating, acquiring, and producing multimedia content with its media subsidiaries, the wholly owned 9 time Emmy Award-winning production company REZN8,, the majority-owned family entertainment company, Inspirational Vision Media,, and the majority-owned Florida medical marijuana clinic and organic hemp corporation MediCannaVision Inc., dba CannaVision.

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