Canopy Growth Corp Transfers 1,500 Cannabis Clones to Spain for Madrid Based Operations

Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) has announced this morning that the company has completed the first phase of their partnership with Spanish company Alcaliber SA. Canopy has successfully transferred 1,500 cannabis clones to Spain for cultivation.

Canopy has transferred the 1,500 cannabis clones to Alcaliber’s Spanish cultivation facility. Under the terms of the agreement, Canopy will sell its Tweed branded products around Europe, while Alcaliber will focus on producing a variety of cannabis genetics to supply the company.  The partnership was entered into back in September 2o17.

Alcaliber SA is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe and produces 27% of the worlds morphine supply.

Canopy Growth Corporation continues its dominance of the Canadian public cannabis sector. This news marks the third continent that  will plant its clones on.