Cash Crop Today Hosted a Successful 2018 Investor and Business Resource Summit This Past Weekend

The annual Cash Crop Today Investor and Business Resource Summit in Beverly Hills, California hosted a diverse crowd comprised of investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs seeking industry knowledge in connection to the burgeoning cannabis and industrial hemp sectors. The summit featured attendees of all age groups and offered them the opportunity to directly interact with some of the most prominent pioneers of the industry.

Unique insights and networking opportunities were plentiful during the two-day event. Cash Crop Today specifically designed the summit to allow the opportunity for our guests and session speakers to interact often and directly, without the offering of a product or service. The audience was comprised of everyone from distinguished CEO’s, cultivators, distributors and individuals interested in starting their own enterprise involving some facet of the industry.

The Kings of Cannabis & Hemp Charity Poker Tournament was held on the last night of the summit where non-profit group NDICA (National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance)  received the grand prize winnings to continue to expand upon their efforts to create social equity, social justice, and diversity in the cannabis industry.

By the end of the summit, everyone in attendance had gained crucial information on the industry that could be translated into something useful for the future advancement of investments or their business. Cash Crop Today Media would like to give a special thanks to our speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for helping to make the summit a success.


Bonita Bo Money with NDICA- Talk on Permits and Structure

Bonita “Bo” Money spoke on the Social Equity Program in LA that is offering cannabis cultivation, distribution, and retail licenses, business assistance, and workforce development to individuals based upon on a three-tiersystem. The program seeks to offer employment in the cannabis industry to level the playing field for marginalized communities that have been affected the most by the nonsensical “War on Drugs.”


Brad Muncy with FAB Distro- Wholesale and Distribution

Brad Muncy discussed the industrial hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) market and what it means to be successful within the wholesale and distribution arena. Their company FAB Distro hopes to set the industry standard for pharmaceutical grade quality CBD products with the construction of their own laboratory. Mr. Muncy touched upon the legality of their products and how much the consistency, character, and quality of a product maters to customers.


Peter Holzworth with BioTrack THC- How to Approach a Financier for Funding

Peter Holzworth first discussed the upcoming legislation coming into effect on July 1, 2018 stating that cannabis products must adhere to certain requirements in order to quality as a viable market option for consumers. Mr. Holzworth talked to those in attendance on how to present the correct structure for a business plan to gain an investment into your cannabis or industrial hemp company. According to Mr. Holzworth the most important advice to gain an investment is to understand your audience, your market, and define a clear pathway of how to pay back your financier.


Avis Bulbulyan with Siva Enterprises- Reaching a High Level of Success in California with Cannabis

Avis Bulbulyan offered a multitude of advice to the attendees at the Investment Resource and Business Summit. The keynote speaker spoke upon the numerous different licenses his company has obtained in cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution in the cannabis space. Mr. Bulbulyan gave insight into how he successfully obtained these licenses and was able to utilize them to build successful businesses all across the country.



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