CashCropToday | 411/420 | Cannapreneur & Social Equity Advocate Bo Money | Part 2

In this episode of 411/420, Host Joya Italiano talks with Bonita “Bo” Money, Founder of Women Abuv Ground and NDICA, about the impact the war on drugs has had on low-income communities and how she aims to reverse the effects. Before the legalization of cannabis in some states, many people, especially men of color, have been incarcerated because of marijuana possession. Now, as more states begin to legalize recreational use, those very people are being pushed out of the industry due to the many barriers set up.

Watch 411/420’s episode featuring guest star Bo Money (Part 2) to discover how her Social Equity Plan will remove the imposed barriers and provide benefits to low-income communities.

Be sure to check out Part 1 of this episode to learn about the Women Abuv Ground movement and the Social Equity Program’s goal to assist minorities in owning a cannabis business after a previous cannabis conviction.



Executive Producer – Dave Hill, Lamar Seay
Producer – Alex Fraser
Associate Producer – Sam Rosenberg
Director – Naim Reece
Camera 1 – Ernie Chavarria
Camera 2 – Christiaan Adams
Editor – Filmed By Erika

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