CBD Best Review reveals that while proponents of CBD say it’s not mind-altering, it might be so in some cases

The 2020 holiday CBD gift guides are out, and there are hundreds of products you can purchase for your loved ones. But how can you be sure you’re getting the safest and most effective CBD products available? You’ve probably heard that cannabidiol (CBD) is non-psychoactive and has no mind-altering effects, but some people disagree. Just ask Heather Ryerson. As a copywriter for CBD Best Review, she has plenty of opportunities to try new products on the market. But on more than one occasion, the writer has experienced a distinct period of intoxication after putting a new hemp extract to the test.

“It’s happened three or four times now with different products, and each time I was pretty freaked out,” said Ryerson. “I was expecting that familiar sense of calm—which is what usually happens—but instead, I felt slowed-down, disconnected, and even a bit anxious. To feel impaired after taking CBD was disconcerting, to say the least,” she laments.

Ryerson is not the only one to have experienced a THC-like high after taking CBD. Many users on Reddit have shared nearly identical accounts. So what gives? According to Greg Scarborough, M.S. in Nutrition at Tufts University, “Very sensitive people – especially those with past anxiety events related to cannabis can certainly feel 2mg of THC and almost anyone who is not a frequent THC user would feel 5mg”. Scarborough explains that although the amount of THC in full-spectrum CBD products is minuscule, it can add up.

So, yes, those CBD holiday gifts could have significant unexpected effects—not something you would consider when purchasing a bottle of CBD oil for your grandma. How can you avoid a psychoactive experience when taking CBD? The answer lies in third-party lab testing and following a few simple dosing guidelines.

Sites like CBD Best Review exist to evaluate CBD brands and products, carefully scrutinizing lab reports and labels in advance, so consumers know what to expect. The site’s owner, Shimon Constante, has this to say: “When we select brand reviews to publish, we make sure they comply with some precise protocols. We only accept those that have third-party lab tests available for viewing. If a company doesn’t provide this information, we don’t partner with them. It’s that simple.”

He goes on to say, “One easy solution for those new to CBD is to consult a dosing guide. This will help you start slowly and increase the amount of CBD until you obtain the desired effects.”

In light of this information, should you forego giving CBD gifts this year? “Absolutely not,” Ryerson says. “CBD is an incredible compound with a variety of therapeutic benefits, and it’s suitable for just about anyone. It has an extremely high safety profile, and the advantages far outweigh any potential issues. Provided you are purchasing from a reputable brand, such as those we have vetted on CBD Best Review, you can feel entirely continent in your purchase.”

The ultimate CBD holiday gift guide is available on CBD Best Review.

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