CBD Derived From Hemp Has Potential to Fight Ovarian Cancer Studies Find

Sara Biela and Chase Turner, graduate students from Sullivan University College of Pharmacy in Kentucky, presented new findings tied to industrial hemp derived CBD’s anti-cancer properties at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology held back on April 21-25.

Link to the scientific studies

The two new studies investigated the potential for Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from a variety of hemp plant known as KY-hemp, grown and produced in Kentucky. Development of the new strain involved carefully growing the industrial hemp in an controlled environment in order to eliminate any residual contaminates that could possibly effect the therapeutic properties of the CBD that was extracted.

The first study researchers found that by adding a variety of different CBD doses to ovarian cells led to a slowing of cell migration, or metastasis. This would reduce the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body. The second study, showed that the Ky-hemp variety slowed the “secretion of interleukin IL-1beta, which has been linked to slowing the ovarian cancer from spreading so quickly.

“Our findings from this research as well as prior research show that KY hemp slows ovarian cancer comparable to or even better than the current ovarian cancer drug Cisplatin,” said Turner. “Since Cisplatin exhibits high toxicity, we anticipate that hemp would carry less side effects. However, that needed to be tested in the future.

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