CCT Investment and Business Resource Summit Profile: Bonita “Bo” Money

Investor and Business Resource Summit 2018 


Bonita “Bo” Money is a leading entrepreneur involved in the emerging cannabis industry. She has developed a number of ideas and concepts into thriving businesses that were built upon her passion to help others. Bonita has empowered those around her by passing down the extensive knowledge base she has acquired over her years of networking and immersing herself in the cannabis industry.

Bonita “Bo” Money was driven to become involved in the cannabis industry by helping those that she cared about most in her life. Unfortunately, one of her best friends developed a case of MRSA bacteria. This motivated Bonita to experiment and create a cannabis based topical cream that helped cure her friend. This experience lead Bonita to start her first cannabis business called That Glass Jar™, which became a huge success. This experience not only helped cure someone in need in her life but, also opened Bonita up to the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.

Bonita has fostered her relationships and the connections that she has made in the cannabis industry over time. This has lead her on a mission to empower others to become involved in cannabis with a company that she co-founded called Women Abuv Ground. Women Abuv Ground is a community that helps educates, connects, and supports women just like Bonita. The company creates networking opportunities for individuals and helps provide the tools needed to become a success in the cannabis industry.

Bonita now speaks at a wide range of events including she is one of Cash Crop Today’s  speakers at the CCT Investment and Business Resource Sumit being held on June 8th and 9th at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Don’t miss Bonita’s lecture on permits and how to structure your business.

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8pm to 11pm…………….. The Editors Lounge with open mixology Bar


10am to 10:45am………. Permits & Structure
11am to 11:45am………. Wholesale & Distribution
2pm to 3pm………………. How to Approach a Financier for Funding 4pm to 5pm………………. Reaching a High level of Success in Cannabis


6pm to 8pm……… CashCropToday Society Members Only Dinner
6pm to 9pm……… The Editors Lounge, open mixologist bar 7 to 8:30
9pm Until…………. The Kings of Cannabis & Hemp Charity (K.O.C.H.)
Poker Tournament with open mixology bar


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