CCT Leaders: Sana Packaging

Sana Packaging is known for providing the cannabis industry with 100% plant-based  & chemical free packaging solutions. Recently, Sana Packaging has announced a partnership with eco-friendly company, Oceanworks, as well as a new line of products made of reclaimed ocean plastic. Sana Packaging is aiming to modernize how the industry manages packaging, while ridding the environment of such harmful waste. CashCropToday had the privilege of interviewing James Eichner, Co-Founder & CSO of Sana Packaging.

How did you initially get in the cannabis industry?

“I decided to go to grad school because I really just wanted to boost my career & also just learn a lot more about business, but I didn’t really have a clear idea of wanting to get into cannabis. I knew I wanted to do something in the world of sustainability & as a long time cannabis consumer, when I heard about this idea, I knew right away this was the reason I was meant to get into the industry.”

How did Sana Packaging decide to get into eco-friendly packaging for the cannabis industry?

“When we started this off as a class project, we were exploring different sustainable alternatives to regular petroleum plastic & for a variety of reasons we became very interested in plant based hemp plastic; which is what our flagship product line is made of.  Ultimately, we believe that we should be moving away from using petroleum plastics for single use items such as packaging & we think hemp bioplastic is a great long term solution to do so.”

In regards to the recent partnership with Oceanworks, what was the fueling factor for you guys to find an environmentally friendly cannabis packaging solution?

“Ocean plastic is a huge issue that keeps on growing each year & we think that one of the easiest ways to clean our oceans is to create an incentive. What OceanWorks has done, is they have created a marketplace for these reclaimed ocean plastics; by working with people around the world to collect, sort, and recycle ocean plastic into usable materials. The second we heard about what they were doing, we immediately wanted to get involved because we saw it as a great opportunity to make an immediate impact on the ocean plastic epidemic. Everytime someone purchases one of our product made from reclaimed plastic, they’re directly contributing to the cleaning of our oceans.”

With this great new product line that will be coming out soon, what effects do you guys ultimately hope to see for the future cannabis packaging market?

“We really would like to see the industry embrace sustainable packaging solutions. It’s taken a few years for cannabis packaging waste to become the issue that it is now. With companies now recognizing it, we hope to see the industry move away from using single use petroleum based plastics that are virgin resins for items like packaging. At its core, the cannabis industry has always been an environmental & social justice movement; it’s ultimately about doing something that’s good for the people & the environment.”

Do you have any hopes of adding the reclaimed ocean plastic into any future product lines?

“Definitely. We currently have 2 products available in our catalog & will be releasing a 3rd soon. All those products are available in hemp based plastic & will soon be available in reclaimed ocean plastic as well. Moving forward, we really want to find use cases for these new sustainable materials that are available. As our company grows, we definitely have our sights set on other packaging verticals outside of the cannabis industry.”!

CashCropToday would like to give a special thanks to James Eichner & Ron Basak-Smith for taking the time to be a part of this interview, we look forward to seeing the great impact Sana Packaging has not only on the industry, but the world!