Chuck Shumer to Introduce Cannabis Decriminalization Bill on 4/20

The United States Senate minority leader and top Democrat representative Chuck Shumer (D-N.Y.) will introduce legislation to halt federal involvement in state cannabis laws on the notorious 4/20 holiday today.

The United States Senator believes that current marijuana laws, which have the same legal classification as heroin, has been ineffective and in turn has ruined too many individuals and families lives by putting non-violent drug offenders in prison. The new bill that Shumer intents to introduce will allow the States to decide whether or not to legalize cannabis for commercial consumption. This will protect states from Federal involvement in U.S. states that have passed and plan to pass laws on cannabis reform.

In a interview with the Washington Post Shumer gave the following statement:

“The bill lets the states decide and be the laboratories that they ought to be,” Schumer said. “It also will ensure that minority- and woman-owned businesses have a dedicated funding stream to help them compete against bigger companies in the marijuana business. Critically, we ensure that advertising can’t be aimed at kids, and put real funds behind research into the health effects of THC.”

The Pew Research Center has found that 61% of voters support the legalization efforts in their respective states.