Cornell University Researches Study Hemp Varieties for Commercial Cultivation

The 2014 Farm Bill in the United States opened legislation for States to implement  industrial hemp pilot programs in conjunction with a private or public university. The researchers at Cornell University started to grown industrial hemp in 2016. The prestigious university began with 1,700 acres of hemp to begin to study its biological characteristics as well as explore the variety of industrial involved with processing hemp into finished goods. 

Industrial hemp has a variety of uses. Textiles, nutritional products, building materials, bio-fuels, composites, and the plant is even know to contain non-psychoactive medicinal properties in the form of low THC, high CBD oil. Cannabidiol has recently been popularized in mainstream media and is known to limit seizures for people diagnosed with epilepsy.

Cornell is beginning to collaborate with a number of breeders, processors, and manufacturing companies around the world in order to develop industrial hemp based goods. Cornell has the backing of Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.), New York Sen. Thomas O’Mara (R-Ithaca) and New York Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-Binghamton).

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