Creator of Blue Moon to Launch Cannabis Infused Beer

Keith Villa the creator of the popular beer brand Blue Moon is now planning to launch his own cannabis infused beer product line. The newly founded company Ceria Beverages plans to work closely with dispensaries in legal recreational states to distribute the new product line.

The new THC infused beer will be offered in three different potency levels of THC to help accommodate their customers. Villa plans to brew beer, strip out the alcohol and then transport it to collectives to add in the THC afterwards. Though unconventional, Villa believes his new creation will revolutionize the way consumers drink beer.

Villa has partnered with Ebbu, a leading cannabinoid research company, to insure proper dosage in his new beer. Ebbu has the task of researching the specified dose of THC for a 12-ounce beverage. Their major goal is to figure out how much THC needs to be utilized that would compare to amount of  ABV found in a normal beer.

Villa compares this time in history to the prohibition of alcohol when he states, ““Back in 1933 you had a stigma with alcohol. After so many years of being illegal it took years to get over that. But once that goes away for cannabis it will be a huge part of our economy.”

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