Curtis Mathes Expands Collaboration with Geneticist and Prominent Social Media Influencer

Curtis Mathes Corporation’s (OTC: TLED) subsidiary, Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc. (CMGL) has expanded its collaboration with geneticist and social media influencer John ‘The Jar’ Charland, who can be followed on Instagram @johnthejar. Charland, a renowned cannabis cultivator and geneticist located in Oklahoma, currently utilizes CMGL’s industry-leading horticultural LED grow lights and has committed to expanded use of the ETL-certified Harvester®, which was secured through CMGL’s new equipment leasing program. ‘The Jar’ is most famous for procuring and revitalizing extremely rare cannabis genetics, such as the original OG Kush strain.

“The cannabis and hemp communities in Oklahoma have been extraordinarily receptive to the Harvester®,” said Tina Crawford, Director of Operations at Curtis Mathes, “Through our leasing program we have removed some of the financial hurdles that have historically precluded folks from getting into cannabis cultivation and we’re excited to play a facilitative role in such a rapidly growing market.”

“Not only do we want to provide our customers with the best technology but we also strive to make their experience as affordable as possible,” said Robert Manes, President & Chief Operating Officer of Curtis Mathes, “Our leasing program has been incredibly well-received as it provides our customers with the opportunity to significantly reduce their capital and operational expenditures.”

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