Curtis Mathes Published Again in Cannabis Science and Technology Magazine

Curtis Mathes Corporation (OTC: TLED) has published another article in the peer-reviewed technical journal Cannabis Science and Technology, covering the environmental implications of energy consumption in cannabis cultivation. The article documents the differences in electrical consumption, electrical grid loading, COemissions, and waste heat production between the Curtis Mathes Grow Lights (CMGL) Harvester®  LED grow light and traditional High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting. The commentary piece also addresses the costs associated with electrical use and HVAC operations under the two different lighting technologies. The article was published in the current April issue (link below).

“It’s important to disseminate accurate information that can be used to make informed decisions about horticultural lighting and cultivation operations,” said Robert Manes, President, Chief Operating Officer, & Director for Curtis Mathes, “Not only is our Harvester light producing highly efficacious plant material for our retail and commercial clients, but the paradigm shift toward LED technologies is helping to improve the environmental stewardship of cannabis cultivation.”

“As we do with any analytical testing data that we receive from Harvester customers, it’s important for us to internalize operational data to better characterize the impacts that our lights have on the environment,” said Dr. Zacariah Hildenbrand, Chief Scientific Officer and Director of Curtis Mathes, “With the industry making a shift towards more sustainable cultivation practices, the greatest opportunity to improve one’s carbon footprint is to implement energy-efficient, full-spectrum LEDs.”

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