Debut of LEMONNADE Dispensaries Across U.S. Spotlights a New Sativa Showcase by Famed Creator of Cookies

An exciting new era in cannabis retail is coming with the debut of sativa-focused LEMONNADE dispensaries, brought to you by the creator of iconic international cannabis lifestyle brand Cookies.

LEMONNADE launches July 19 in Sacramento, the first branded U.S. store offering exclusive access to the most flavorful and uplifting sativa strains on the market. Cookies founder Berner, a celebrated Bay Area hip-hop and cannabis lifestyle entrepreneur, partnered with breeder, Brett Wilson, to take sativas to the next level with LEMONNADE.

“We didn’t see anyone really focusing on the sativa consumers, and most of the flavor profiles for the existing sativas on the market were extremely similar and old,” said Berner. “We decided to build a brand followed by a retail experience that focused on flavorful and new sativa varieties. I’m excited to launch LEMONNADE retails, especially because we spent the last four years in R&D mode building this menu. We will carry hybrids and indicas too, but you can expect a wide variety of sativas and a very unique retail experience when you come to LEMONNADE.”

The brand embraces flavor in every sense of the word, starting with the exceptional tastes and energizing qualities of the 15 LEMONNADE sativa strains, a wide array of infused products and the first drop of LEMONNADE cutting-edge apparel.

LEMONNADE’s warm vibes shine through in the Sacramento store’s open layout that promotes socially distanced shopping with trained budtenders who can explain the fascinating terpenes responsible for the citrus, pine, fruity, floral, herbal and peppery flavors commonly found in sativa-dominant cannabis strains—which are known for their energizing and creative qualities.

Sacramento has always had love for Berner. A Cookies and a LEMONNADE store in the City of Trees is a dream come true,” said Hayk Serobyan of 3HHG Group, the local retail partner for LEMONNADE.

Like its sister brand, Cookies—which has recently partnered with acclaimed rapper Rick Ross and former NBA star Gary Payton, among others—LEMONNADE is collaborating on new branded strains and other products with a number of recording artists, designers and cannabis influencers.

The nationwide LEMONNADE rollout continues this summer with two locations in Portland, Oregon, and more across California. Visit the Sacramento LEMONNADE retail location, open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily at 1115 Fee Drive.

Voted the #1 sativa menu, the team of industry legends behind LEMONNADE are proud to deliver a menu of truly unique sativa-leaning, flavor-forward cannabis products—the result of meticulous genetics and expert breeding.

The sister brand to Cookies, LEMONNADE is the highest form of the grower’s art. A sativa-focused family of strains and products created for those in search of an upbeat and euphoric experience. Offering over 15 cannabis varieties and product lines including indoor, greenhouse and sungrown flower, pre-rolls, extracts and vape carts, LEMONNADE was founded in 2015 by Berner and Brett Wilson (aka Growing Passion).

About Cookies 
Cookies is more than a premiere cannabis company, it is a lifestyle. Founded in 2012 by Berner, the prolific Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur, and his partner Jai, Bay Area cultivator and breeder, the company built its identity by seamlessly combining new, top-tier genetics, the Internet, and music. Backed by the music industry, social media, and the brand’s growth and breeding projects, Cookies quickly built a grassroots cult following while remaining loyal to its brand promise; authenticity and innovative genetics.

Today, Cookies is one of the most well-respected and top-selling cannabis brands in the United States. The company and its product are recognized globally and offer a stable of over 50 cannabis varieties and product lines including indoor, outdoor and sungrown flower, pre-rolls, gel caps and vape carts. Cookies’ overall vertical integration and seed-to-sale business allows for complete quality control at every step – from cultivation and production to retail experience.

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