Deep Desert Beverage, Inc. Announces Completion Of $1,650,000 Series B Funding Round

Deep Desert Beverage, Inc. today announced the successful completion of its $1,650,000 Series B funding round. Deep Desert previously raised $1,060,000. Deep Desert is set to launch its line of premium, non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beverages in California during the first quarter of 2021.

“Our earlier funding enabled us to perfect our beverage formulations, obtain all required licenses and attract the talent that we need to bring our innovative products to market,” said Alan Pleskow, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Deep Desert. “The proceeds from this round will finance the buildout of our facility in Nevada City and position Deep Desert for a successful product launch during the first quarter of 2021.”

About Deep Desert

Based in Nevada City, California, Deep Desert is the newest entrant into the fast-growing market for THC-infused beverages. Deep Desert’s products are gentle, consistent, and based on the most up-to-date beverage science principles and techniques. Refined enough to sip, yet mellow enough to mix, Deep Desert products offer California adults a new way to enjoy cannabis legally.

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