Deep Six CBD Debuts Delta 8 THC Baked Goods, Chocolate Bars Online, Delivery Anywhere in the USA Including NJ, MD, FL, GA, Texas.

 Deep Six CBDPennsylvania’s premier cannabis retail pioneer, introduces Delta 8 THC baked goods including magic brownies & cookies, infused chocolate bars, and rice crispy treats through their stores in select markets and through their website. These infused edible options provide a tasty, heady alternative to traditional THC dosing. And no med card? No problem!

Deep Six now offers THC 8 baked goods for delivery anywhere in the United States; customers can order Delta 8 edibles to New Jersey Shore (Cape MayWildwoodAtlantic City and others), or to the Gulf Coast (Mobile, AL,  New Orleans, LA,  Biloxi, MS).

“We’ve heard the stories from our parents and grandparents,” explained Nicholas Kruczaj, cannabis entrepreneur and president of Deep Six CBD. “They always start with ‘magic brownies’. It’s a new age for the types of cannabis edibles that we offer to our customers to provide the help that they seek.” Delta 8 THC, or THC 8, is an important alternative to medical marijuana for customers who won’t, or can’t, visit dispensaries. Stress management, PTSD, and relaxation needs are some of the possible benefits of THC.

Customers order Delta 8 THC baked goods to their favorite summer spots in Virginia Beach, Orlando & Atlanta ahead of time. Even in Hawaii THC 8 edibles can be waiting for them when they arrive.

Not content with just traditional THC edibles, Delta 8 THC brownies are only the beginning. Infused chocolate chip cookies combine the comfort of grandma’s baking with a cannabis twist. THC 8 milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and cookies & cream bars give a much-needed sugar rush. Crunchy, trippy, marshmallow-loaded rice cereal treats provide a Delta 8 experience wrapped in the flavors of grade school nostalgia.

Benton Purtle, Deep Six CBD Operations Manager, commented “The Delta 8 edibles that we offer may vary by location, but we’re making all of these available to everyone who needs them, everywhere possible, through our online store at”

“For those in need, those who don’t have access to our store locations or a dispensary, all of these edibles are available online. We ship online orders all across the US, including Tennessee (TN), North Carolina (NC), California (CA), and beyond.”