Delta-8 Capsules Launched by Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness, a leader in the Delta-8 industry, offers a wide range of premium Delta-8 products. Today, they have launched their brand new Delta-8 capsules, the newest addition to their collection. Many people enjoy the feeling of getting high but hate the consumption part of it. So whether it is smoking or sweets they are trying to avoid, Delta-8 capsules offer the same effect in a pure, tasteless form.

Delta-8 has increased in popularity, taking the cannabis market by storm. Every day, new users are trying Delta-8 products to reap its benefits. People who use Delta-8 THC experience a smooth and relaxed effect without feeling paranoid or anxious. As more people switch over to using Delta-8 THC, many do not enjoy the taste of the new cannabinoid, whether it be smoking it or taking an edible. Hence, Exhale Wellness has decided to launch its premium Delta-8 capsules.


Exhale Wellness aims not only to be a part of the Hemp industry but be at the forefront of it. By offering a range of products, the brand offers curative and preventive ways of being healthy and maintaining wellbeing. They achieve this by providing the best quality Delta-8 products to their customers. All of their products are made with natural ingredients and lab-tested by a third party for quality assurance.

Exhale’s Delta-8 THC infused capsules are designed for discreteness and convenience. Many people do not like to smoke and vape in public. These soft gel capsules only need some water to swallow. All of these capsules are organic and all-natural, making them vegan. With no artificial flavors or colorings, these capsules are safe to consume by everyone.

The bottle comes in 3 different volumes- 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg, with each having a different potency of 10mg/pill , 25mg/pill and 50mg/pill, respectively. Having this variety allows anyone to try these pills no matter their tolerance level. Here is a review these capsules received on Exhale’s site.

Marium M is from Seattle, Washington writes, “My days have gotten so much better since I started taking Exhale’s Delta-8 capsules. Exhale’s customer service is great as well. My order usually only takes a few days to get to me. I definitely endorse the brand because of its great product quality and amazing customer service.”

Exhale Wellness constantly strives to work on and continually improve its game in the Delta-8 market. It manages to achieve this by listening to its customers and investing in research and development. Made with high-quality ingredients, Exhales Delta-8 capsules are made for people who want to stay discrete while being high.