Democrats are Favoring Marijuana Legislation to Encourage Voter Turnout

Democratic leaders in the United States are starting to strongly support pro cannabis legislation in an attempt to encourage younger individuals to vote during future elections.

Since only half of the individuals known as “millennials” (ages 18-29) chose not to vote in the recent November 2016 elections, its no surprise that Democratic members of the House of Representatives are easing to the idea of supporting cannabis reform ahead of the 2018 vote.

This has also had an effect on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Former Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld believes that it would be an advantageous for current President Donald Trump to back new legislation introduced by congress to both decriminilize both industrial hemp and recreational cannabis entirely. Especially since the President approval rating currently stands at 38%.

It seems like the tides are beginning to ship in favor of reform for a number of reasons. One of them is the increasing number of U.S. states legalization the recreational sale of cannabis, as well as, the changing of public perception in the publics eye. According to the Pew Research Center, support for cannabis legalization has more than doubled since 2000. Nine different states including Colorado, Washington, California, and even our national capital has legalized the recreational consumption of marijuana. Our neighbor to the north already has plans to legalize cannabis throughout the country this year and with the gaining political support its only time before it is legalized throughout the United States