Descendant of Jim Bean Founder Looks to Capitalize on “Prohibition 2.0”

Ben Klover is a direct descendant of Harry Blum, who in the 1920’s saw a way to capitalize on the prohibited sale of alcohol in the United States to the public. A small investment into his own distillery lead to the popular whiskey brand known as Jim Bean today. The company was sold to American Tobacco in 1967 but, his entrepreneurial spirit still runs through Mr. Klover’s veins which has lead him to begin his venture in the North America cannabis market.

Mr. Klover see’s many similarities to the easement of cannabis legislation in the United States which is easing to the idea of allowing the distribution of the plant throughout the country. He plans to capitalize by making his company Green Thumb Industries as successful as his ancestor did by taking his company public this year. Green Thumb Industries is an already an established grower and distributor out of cannabis dispensaries across six different states in the U.S.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow exponentially into the multiple billions of dollars, Green Thumb will continue to expand their operations. With product in over 100 different dispensaries that has generated revenue of $20 million dollars in 2017, the company is expected to flourish this year. Though operations are mostly located in the Untied States, Mr. Klover plans to expand operations across the boarder into Canada this year due to the planned legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes throughout the country.

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